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Amazing Kids! of the Month – September 2013 – Ali Arif

Ali Arif, 18 Year Old Change Maker
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“Youth is the treasure of the country. It’s time to go out and make a difference.”
-Ali Arif, 18-year-old Change Maker

Amazing Kid of the Month

Ali Arif emigrated from Pakistan to Canada this past January. Since his big move, Ali has made it his mission to help other immigrants. He has been a volunteer with Be the Change and is currently a youth ambassador for the Peace Welcome Club.

Amazing Kids Magazine is thrilled to announce Ali as our new Amazing Kid of the Month!

Ali Arif, 18-year-old Amazing Kid of the Month

Moving Across the Ocean

We all need a little change in our lives. For Ali, the change was much bigger. Just this past January he immigrated to Canada from Pakistan at the age of 18. The reasoning? “A voice in me was shouting to go somewhere where there are opportunities,” Ali said.

While it was a hard decision to leave his hometown, his native country, and his loved ones, Ali is excited about his new life. “In Canada you will find yourself surrounded by more opportunities, more ways to accomplish what you want, and people are very helpful.”

Making the World a Better Place

Months after changing around his whole life, Ali dove right into helping the community. In March, he worked with Be the Change. Ali describes the organization as “a youth program which gives confidence, advocacy, and skills of making a negotiation.” Working with Be the Change has given Ali more confidence.

“The most impressive part of Be the Change is that we don’t just work with pen and paper,” he said. “You are given a task to go out and ask people for the problems in the community, work on it, and then make a proposal for the authority to work on it.”

Now Ali has a new project he is working on. He was recently named a Youth Ambassador for the Peace Welcome Club. The club, started by past Amazing Kid of the Month, Harnoor Gill, promotes volunteerism to teens across the world.

As a member of Peace Welcome Club, Ali hopes to “make peace with my community.”

Ali was inspired to get involved with the organization because it is a platform for him to do good for the world. One of Ali’s most favorite parts of working with the Peace Welcome Club is that it allows face to face interaction rather than just the use of social networking sites. “This gives me opportunity to spread the message of Peace Welcome Club. It enables me to hear something from other communities and to work on something they want to change in their community.” Another added benefit? Ali has met a wealth of new people and has made many new friends.

The Peace Welcome Club participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up during 2013 ChangeTheWorld campaign.

Looking Towards the Future

Ali has a lot of awesome goals for his future. He wants to become a lawyer to help people who are struggling with receiving their proper rights and facing injustice. But Ali’s top priority is to work with other organizations in hopes of maintaining peace in countries currently torn by war.

In the meantime, Ali encourages all of our readers to get involved in making a difference! “Think about the community you live in. What is needed to make it an ideal world? What can you do? Is there something you can give back to it?”


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