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April Amazing Kid! of the Month – Kai Ture

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Kai Ture, 11-year-old actress


Quote of the Month

“You are never too young or too old to follow your dreams.  You will only regret the things that you don’t try.”
-Kai Ture, 11-year-old actress

Amazing Kid! of the Month

April marks the beginning of spring, a season of rainy days.  At the end of every rainy day, is a rainbow.  Rainbows represent the beauty of spring and being your own self.  When the rest of the world is black and white, you can stand out from the crowd and be a rainbow.

Kai Ture is a budding actress, and has had many roles in movies alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  She starred as the younger version of Amandla Stenberg’s “Starr” in “THE HATE U GIVE” and starred alongside Viola Davis and fellow child actress Mckenna Grace in this year’s “Troop Zero.”

Keep reading to find out more about Kai and her acting!

Finding Success

When she was little, Kai would watch actresses such as Raven Symone and China McClain on Disney, and dreamed that one day, she too, could be on Disney.  Kai first started off as an acting school student, and now, at only eleven years old, she has been able to get many roles in recent films.  At the beginning of her acting career, Kai landed the role as an extra in Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” and was able to work her way up towards a recurring role.

All of her acting roles mean that Kai is very busy balancing her acting and school life- but she takes those challenges in stride and turns a positive spin onto it.  For her, going to auditions and landing acting roles mean that she is only furthering her acting career.

Life Off the Screen

When Kai isn’t acting, she’s focused on putting her education and community first.  Due to her hard work studying, she was able to be accepted into a school for high achievers.  Despite all her acting credentials, Kai still regards her educational accomplishments as her biggest success.  Acting isn’t her only fine-arts skill: Kai can play the violin, ukulele, and piano.

Kai has worked hard to help her local community as well.  With the help of her Girl Scout group leaders, Kai was able to help feed some of Atlanta’s homeless community lunch and dinner in a community service event.  Kai remains committed to helping the homeless, which is very passionate about, and is working again with her Girl Scout group to organize a larger event.

Kai enjoys her busy schedule doing all the activities she loves.  This April, start to find things you’re passionate about and start pursuing them.  Kai first started off in smaller roles and due to her hard work, she has been able to get larger roles.  Start off with some small steps and soon you’ll be on your way to achieving your biggest dreams!