Amazing Kids! Magazine

Emma Stumpf – Future Amazing Kid! of the Month

By Victoria Feng, Assistant Editor and AKOM Editor


Emma Stumpf was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor at the age of seven, but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving great things. Most recently, she was named as the Jefferson Awards Foundation’s 2017 LEAD360 winner for her creation of “Emma’s Art Carts,” an organization that helps kids cope with being hospitalized like Emma was. During her period of hospitalization, Emma found comfort in art, which provided an outlet for the stress and pain she was going through. With her art carts, Emma enables other kids to also have a healthy distraction to their struggles.

Lisa Durst, Emma’s art teacher, says, “The idea behind Emma’s Art Cart was to provide kids with the tools and resources to destress, unload some feelings, and cope with what they’re going through.”

Hillary Schafer, the CEO of the Jefferson Award Foundation, agrees, noting that “Emma’s determination to give back is remarkable. As someone who used to power of art to express her feelings through her recovery, Emma is an incredible representative of her project.”  She also advises that every kid should know they have the ability to make a difference and impact another person’s life.

We congratulate Emma on her amazing achievement! Please check back soon for a full-length AKOM article from Amazing Kids! Magazine!