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Avani (Av) Anil Kumar, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor

Avani (Av) Anil Kumar,  AK Adventures and Global Village Editor, is 17. An Indian by birth, she had lived in Saudi Arabia for 14 years before settling back to India for higher studies. She has an enormous appetite for fiction with her favorite authors being  J K Rowling, Dan Brown, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Rick Riordan. Her reading habit evolved into writing fiction, poetry, and at times, essays in her free time. She writes for her school magazine and has won prizes at the district levels. Apart from literary ventures, she plays piano, is a pretty good artist, and loves to dance and choreograph. Though she claims to be not much of a singer, she says she hums enough to attract complaints of headaches. She has a huge passion for music, and is a ‘Headphones on, World off’ type.

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