Amazing Kids! Magazine

Issue #29 – Interview with Sean Traynor, age 13: Our NEW Assistant Editor!

Interview by Amazing Kids eZine

AK: What is your favorite book?

ST: My favorite book is The Sight by David Clement-Davies. This story is about a pack of wolves that will do anything and everything to protect their own, even if it sets in motion a battle that will involve all of nature, including the creature the wolves fear most: Man.

AK: What are you passionate about?

ST: I am passionate about sketching various characters and scenes for my fictitious stories. I enjoy exploring my imagination and creating stories that I believe people will enjoy. I am also passionate about reading and listening to music.

AK: Do you have any pets?

ST: My only pet right now is a hermit crab named Rainbow. We won her at a community fair when I was five and were told she would only live 3-6 months. Well, this fellow loves living with my family because she is now almost 9 years old!

AK: What are your favorite pastimes/hobbies?

ST: My favorite pastimes or hobbies are karate, reading and watching vintage movies with my family. I have been taking karate for 8 years and have been awarded the junior black belt. Since then I have achieved all the levels prior to receiving my Adult Black Belt. I hope to achieve this award within the next three months.

In addition to karate, I enjoy reading. My preferred genre is fantasy fiction but I have read a wide variety of other types of literature.

I also enjoy watching old movies or television shows with my family. Some of my favorites are Wild, Wild West, Rat Patrol and Hogan’s Heroes.

AK: Which is your favorite: Poetry, Non-fiction, or Fiction, and why?

ST: I enjoy fictional stories most of all because most non-fiction books are predictable or I’ve heard about the stories beforehand so it is difficult to predict my own ending. With fictional stories, you are not limited by current realities and can explore your imagination to its fullest. It helps you transport yourself into uncommon situations requiring you to challenge your everyday expectations. I feel it opens up my creativity.

AK: What do you want to be when you grow up?

ST: Although I am only 13, right now I have been considering being a Broadway producer. I have been involved in acting for the past 8 years and enjoy theatre. It takes planning, negotiation, finance and organizational skills to achieve a successful production. I would enjoy working as part of a large team to make a production one to remember for years to come. I will continue to write as well and try to get published.

AK: Who is your greatest inspiration in writing?

ST: My greatest inspiration in writing is David Clement-Davies because he opened my eyes to the possibilities of using non-human main characters, an unpredictable ending and he opened the barriers of the expected “good guy always wins” theme. With Mr. Davies, you can expect the unexpected while being immersed in the complex characters and the intricate plots.

AK: What is your favorite piece that you’ve written and why?

ST: My favorite piece that I’ve written is The Search for the Cure. This piece is important to me because I tried to portray the complex relationship between a father and son as they deal with conflict. The main characters are animals that have survived world annihilation and they are struggling to maintain peace between the remaining animals. It is a story about bringing out a feeling of family amongst animals that are very different. The final conflict brings out a deep feeling between the father and son that was not expressed up to that point.

It is my favorite piece because I tried to show the complexity of relationships and the power of unspoken feelings. The piece tries to also show that peace is always a better alternative than domination by force. I became very engaged in the plot and felt I could write several books around the main characters. I believe that when you feel you have too much to say, you have a great story.