Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Kids! Interview with Mari Copeny

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief

After experiencing the Flint water crisis herself, Mari Copeny was determined to help her community. 

Amazing Kid! of the Month – Mari Copeny – August 2019

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief

Mari Copeny, 12-year-old activist

I Want to Be Myself

By Kika Dhara-Garipuy, New York

Today a man, a woman,
and a child much younger than me
asked me who I wanted to be
I responded with - Is that really up to me?

The Wonders of Dublin, Ireland

By Stella Prince, AK Adventures Editor

Dublin is known in Ireland as the largest city in the country. It spans forty-four square miles, and houses over one million people as of 2019.

A Door to the New World

By Shreya Sharath, age 10, New York

I’ll never forget the last time I saw my best friend Laya. It was last summer when I was 9, at her small house, around 7:00 p.m.