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Cook Time with Remmi

Cook Time with Remmi

By Remmi Smith, Cook Nook Columnist FROM MY HEART TO YOURS Hi, Amazing Kids! This month is the month of love, since February 14th is Valentine’s Day. In my family, my mom always throws a Valentine’s Day party to celebrate the love we have for each other in our family. The whole family spends time together and we all get small gifts from my mom. It’s a...

Perry’s Previews: Best G/PG-rated Films of 2010, from Tangled to Toy Story 3

The list of my top 10 films below includes films with 2010 US theatrical releases.

Amazing Kid! from History – Steve Irwin

Amazing Kid from History – Steve Irwin, Wildlife Conservationist and Host of Television’s Crocodile Hunter By Sean Traynor, Editor-in-Chief Steve Irwin is known by most of us as the Australian host of the hit TV show, The Crocodile Hunter. While wearing his signature khakis, he shared his passion for wildlife and conservation with his extraordinary...

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By Qintra, age 11, Pakistan

Positive the Puppy

By Jumhpha Hienkeo, age 9, Canada

Farewell Mum

By Sehen Dilkush Gamhewa, age 7, Sri lanka