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The Bird’s Nest

By: Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor I always see a bird’s nest as a piece of natural art. In fact, the nest itself is amazing without the eggs: how the birds make the nest by hand – or should I say beak? But, what’s a bird nest without the bird’s eggs? The eggs can come in any size and any color (from small, blue eggs to big pink eggs). How would...

Icicle, a picture

by Ioana Ciora

The Best Flower

By Sarah Dalla Costa, age 14, Illinois

Hare and the Tortoise

By Sehen Dilkush Gamhewa, age 7, Sri lanka

The Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo

By Ryan Traynor, age 11, Emerald Hills, CA

You and I

By Olivia Massey, age 11, Scottsboro, AL