Amazing Kids! Magazine

Some Wishes

By Emily Cheung, 8th grade, California

My cousin fishes around in the turkey leftovers, pudgy fingers sifting through scraps of meat. I watch her keenly, never failing to be amused by her antics. We are seven, and are huddled together amongst adults chatting brightly over our Christmas family dinner.


By Allison Stein, Age 13, Michigan

You feel obligated to live up to your reputation
The person people know you as
You are contained
You can’t step out of the boundary lines

Your December L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

Q: Which is the ghost’s favorite game?
A: Hide and shriek!

Where Are You Hiding?

By Divya Dharmakeerthie, Age 14, Sri Lanka

Where are you hiding?
I know I called you in.
You might be starving!
Where are you hiding?

The Moping Mop

By Amelia Nierenberg, Age 16, New York

I lie here on the cold tiled floor
Searching for my only friend
I am wet and cold without him
Could this relationship be at an end?

The Animal Understanding Machine

By Mikaela Sofea binti Badrul Hisham Yeap, Age 9, Malaysia

There are many types of trees,
And although all don’t bear green leaves,
They pose as many an animal’s home,
You don’t know it, but they make up their Rome.