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Staff Q & A: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff

The Bragger

By Giovanni Tang, age 13, Washington

My brother is so good at games that he could conquest you effortlessly before the games even start!

October 2012: Issue #61 – “Holidays Around the World”

It’s almost the beginning of fall and winter where the majority of holidays are held. Holiday is defined as a day on which work is suspended for customs and cultures. This month’s theme is “Holidays Around the World” explores the diverse form of holidays found all around the world.

Climbing My Fears

By Caie Kelley, Age 15, California

Must. Keep. Going. My bone-white hands gripped the lichen-infested rock. Tiny beads of sweat fell from my forehead and onto my new, “Kelley Family Reunion 2008, Acadia National Park” oversized T-shirt.

Silence Forever

By Pansy Wan, Age 11, New Jersey

I woke up at the bright white light coming from the window. I looked around me but only saw moving mouths of people. No sound! I thought I was hallucinating, so I began to talk except no sound came out.

Calling All Youth Newcomers

By Harnoor Gill, age 13, Ontario

A few years ago when I came to Canada, I couldn’t find much about youth by youth from a youth perspective. As I grew, I felt there was a need for a theme that would lead the newcomers –‘youth immigrants’ like myself, in a positive direction.