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By Tanmaya Murthy, Poetry Editor

Staff Q & A: Where do you like to go on vacation?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff

The 5 Lessons You Meet in Writing

By Joana Spatariu, Age 18, Canada

I discovered my first lesson in writing at a young age. I was in grade 5 and it was the beginning of our poetry lesson in English.


By Aazan Ahmad, Age 13, South Korea

Q: What does batman’s mom says, when she want him to come to dinner?

The Bad and Best Summer Ever

By Ignacio Mendoza, Age 12, California

On the first day of summer, I had awoken with a euphoric sense of freedom when I shouted out “SUMMERTIME!” I was so excited.

June 2014: Issue #80 – Road Roaming

Our theme for this month may give you spring fever – Road Roaming is all about traveling, whether it’s for vacation or just for fun!