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United States Agencies for Protection and Security

By Ryan Traynor, Assistant Editor

Watching several spy thrillers and mysteries, you may sometimes get a glimpse into the various agencies in the United States that are set up to protect the citizens.

Amazing Movie Reviews: The Book of Life

By Perry S. Chen, Amazing Movie Reviews! Columnist

The animated movie “The Book of Life” begins when a school bus arrives at a history museum, full of rowdy, mischievous children.

Staff Q & A: Why is it important to know about the law?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff

November 2014: Issue #84 – Government and Law

If you ask me, there is no better time for us to have a topic like Government and Law!

Autumn on Twenty-Second Street

By Michelle Goff, Age 17, Idaho

Like a candle flame leaping into new life
Amidst the gangly arms of tall shady trees

Amazing Mentor! Spotlight with Alyssa Nepper

Interview with Alyssa Nepper
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer