Amazing Kids! Magazine

Gold Rush

By Amrita Bhasin, Age 13, California

So there I was, standing in the entryway to the house. My father set down his bags and spread his arms to emphasize the house we would be living in for the next month.

Let’s Talk Politics!

By Ioana Ciora

Let’s Go to the Movies!

By Victoria Strassler, Age 15, Canada

We arrive at the cinema an hour early,
Just so we guarantee we’ll be satisfied with the film we are about to see.

Boston Tea Party: Result of the Tea Act

By Aazan Ahmad, Age 13, South Korea

Colonists loved drinking tea more than anything in the American colonies.


By Allison Stein, Age 15, Michigan

The armadillo
Wraps itself in its shell,
Using it as a shield
To hide from everything else.

Tibetan Lady

By Ioana Ciora