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A Look at the British Government

By Cathy

For those living in North and South America, Britain may be nothing more than the country that makes Doctor Who and drinks tea.

You Should Try It, Swing

By Elizabeth Lee, Age 8, New York

You should try it
we stopped at the playground
right after ballet class
There were these monkey bars

Should Students Say the Pledge?

By Nwall Almotarreb, Age 11, South Carolina

Do you realize the pledge is what’s keeping us together? In my judgment, the pledge is not wrong to say.

Amazing Kid! of the Month – Robby Novak – November 2014

Robby Novak, 11-year-old Kid President
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer

The Crossroads

By Ryan Traynor, Assistant Editor

Hector put his hand back into his front pocket. There he found the business card that had been hidden there for the past two weeks


By Aazan Ahmad, Age 13, South Korea

Lorikeets are also known as "Rainbow Lorikeets." They are similar to parrots.