Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Kid! of the Month – Zack Francom – August 2015

Written by Catherine Cheng, AKOM Writer
Zack Francom, 12-year-old Lemonade Stand Owner

Amazing Kids! Spotlight Interview with Zack Francom

By Catherine Cheng

Zack Francom was inspired to create Zack’s Shack, a lemonade and cookie stand, by a school fundraising competition.

July/August 2015: Issue #91 – A Personal Odyssey

Everyone has really stepped it up and submitted some extraordinary articles, stories, poetry, and art. The theme is “A Personal Odyssey” and it has brought out interesting stories about personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and changes.


By Nayma Khan, 15, California

The unexplainable longing
To abandon life as you know it

Achieving Success

By Yasmin Ortiz, 16, California

Success, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying
Because as soon as it gets to the end, it will feel like you are gliding

A Reflective Moment

By Soumya Avva, Photography Editor