Amazing Kids! Magazine

March 2015: Issue #87 – Movin’ to the Beat!

We are excited at Amazing Kids! to bring you our issue called “Movin’ to the Beat.”

A Mother’s Love

By Liza Makarova, 16, Pennsylvania

The little boy in his mother’s lap,
Unaware of what’s around,
Views the beach as a lot of joy.

Be You…

By Marissa-Lena Nares, 15, California

Being you is a hard thing to do.
In this world people
Will try to bring you down.

Staff Q&A: What makes you Move to the Beat?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff

Move to the Beat

By Sarina Patel, Contributing Writer

"Get ready for the 119th Ida MS Pumpernickel Festival!"

Passion for Music

By Soumya Avva, Age 15