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A New Frontier in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Research By: Sanjana Bandi

We all rely on a vast expanse of words every day, but there is one phrase that many of us have in common  because we use it so habitually, it becomes a part of our routine lives: “Hey Siri!” or “Hey Alexa!”

Hickory Dock and the Grandfather Clock

By Aiden Talbot, age 14, Washington

Hickory Dock the mouse stood on the end table, staring at the colossal grandfather clock that towered above him.

April Issue 2019: Issue #128 – Rainbow in the Sky

This month’s theme is Rainbow in the Sky, which is about understanding the bright side of a negative experience.

Write with the Rainbow

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor

While it may be fun to switch the font color for each sentence, or scribble with different colored pencils in a writing notebook, that’s not exactly what I mean when I tell you to write with the rainbow.

Tigers Twinning

By Aryaman Sheth

Come to Papa!

By Aryaman Sheth