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The Trip

By Julian Gray, age 18, Missouri

Having coasted on a cramped and uncomfortable plane for four hours to get here, I rise from my seat and walk towards the front exit. I step into the long, gray tunnel that shows its years; having long black lines across the sides of its carpeted floor.


By Chase Ringwald, age 17

It can be beautiful
Or it can be depressing
It can be used as an expression

My Sister Amanda

By Joshua Willenberg

It only takes one person to make an impact; Someone can change your life drastically. For me, my big sister Amanda did this.

June Issue 2019: Issue #130 – Shine Bright

This month’s theme is Shine Bright, which is about the memories you remember most every day or simply small times in your life that have made a big difference.

Banana Bread

By Abby Park, age 13

Today grandma was wearing her usual clunky, rubber, pale green sandals. These were grandma’s favorite kind, since the soles were made out of cloudfoam.

Staff Q&A: What do you regard as some of your greatest accomplishments?

By the Amazing Kids! Magazine Staff