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My Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Joan Ezeagbor, age 15, California

Everybody loves the holidays and the school breaks because we get to rest and have fun with our family and friends .Well, my favorite holiday is Halloween because it stands out in every way.

A Day of Friendship

By Ellie Poindexter

The sun coddled the village in its arms as it said its last goodbye to the darkness. Kids awoke from their house, and our team was ready to work.

My First Solo Traveling Adventure

By Erick Clifford, age 17, Los Angeles, California

My name is Erick. I’m a 17-year-old teenager from Los Angeles, and yes, I’ve recently had my first solo traveling adventure last holiday season.

A Small Trip ‘Around’ the World

By Riana Sellers, age 15, Fontana, California

The reason this article wasn’t simply titled A Trip around the World is because quite frankly, I didn’t take a huge trip around the world. This was an intimate vacation filled with great food, loving family, hearty laughs, and thousands of miles of land and sea.

Why are the People of Ecuador Always Happy?

By Akhil Kumar, age 14, Palo Alto, California

I was standing on the Equator, with one leg on the Northern and the other on the Southern Hemisphere. Yes, Ecuador lies right in the middle of the world.

Chicago – My Memorable Trip!

By Akshaj Mehta, age 10, Sacramento, CA

This year I had a very enjoyable and interesting trip to Chicago. I saw a lot of interesting and odd shapes of towers.