Amazing Kids! Magazine

July/August Issue 2019: Issue #131 – Be the Spark

his month’s theme is Be the Spark, which has two meanings: fireworks as we approach the Fourth of July and igniting change in our communities.

June Issue 2019: Issue #130 – Shine Bright

This month’s theme is Shine Bright, which is about the memories you remember most every day or simply small times in your life that have made a big difference.

May Issue 2019: Issue #129 – Sharing is Caring

This month’s theme is Sharing is Caring, which is about how you can give back to your community.

April Issue 2019: Issue #128 – Rainbow in the Sky

This month’s theme is Rainbow in the Sky, which is about understanding the bright side of a negative experience.

March Issue 2019: Issue #127 – Overcoming Obstacles

This month’s theme is Overcoming Obstacles.

February Issue 2019: Issue #126 – Building Bridges

This month’s theme is Building Bridges, which could have two meanings: about constructing literal bridges or metaphorically creating bridges with those around you.