Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Collection of Refugee Poems

By Kaia Wootton

Be You

By Ameya Krishnan, age 5, Canada

It does not matter if you are a different color and if you lost three teeth at once like me.

A Master’s Daughter

By Lizzie Feeney, age 13

Papa never truly revealed where our wealth came from. We were clothed in grandiose cloaks in the winter time, when snow blanketed the crops, and beautiful pieces of cloth and satin garments wrapped around our necks when the trees began to bloom.


By R. McKenna

Grow-up, they all say.
You’re so childish.

Fighting Against Silence: A Holocaust poem

By Jayme Rodriguez

Threats slither between the cobblestones,
Silencing our desperate moans.

Walking To School

By Aiza Iqbal

Cool breeze blew through my hair,
Birds were wheeling above this cold layer.