Amazing Kids! Magazine

There Is No Limit to Dreaming

By Daniel Jarquin, age 10, California

Every night I stare at the stars
Some are close, and some are far
Whenever I stare at the moon
I make a wish to get there soon

Lunch at Elementary School

By Albert Zhang, age 17, Georgia

The lunch line, swirling
Full of anxious adolescents
Waiting to feed in a frenzy
Of hotdogs and burgers

Swimming: My Love-Hate Relationship

By Nicky Dawes, age 12, Missouri

I plunge into the water
And shiver as bubbles form around me
And start to swim.

The Nighttime

By Lulu Wang-He, age 6, Alabama

When the sun goes down
When nothing shines upon
That is when the moon shines

A New Life

By Kate Arnold

From her parents’ penthouse apartment, Victoria watched with fascination the throngs of people scurrying around like a colony of ants.

Think, Decide, Do

By Erica Sinha

Every thought you create
Every decision you make
Every action you take