Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Perfect Christmas

By Prachi Agrawal, age 11, Dublin, Ireland

Something was different. I felt so cheery and light, as if I was soaring high above the clouds the breeze whipping my hair and…

Happy Place

By Kaia Wootton

“Think of a happy place.” If you have ever said that to me, you would see me slowly shut my eyes and nod. What you didn’t know was the place that I teleported myself to.

Held Tighter

By Merlot Tunnell, age 13, California

After every car crash
Hearts scurry
Cars and bodies misaligned
Phones glued to ears

Wiley’s (Burden) Privilege

By Natalie Chen, age 12, Maryland

My dog has a burden
Behind his chocolate brown eyes filled with love
The happy wag of his tail when I walk through the door
The natural bounce of his white curls after a brushing

Black Is

By Ashley Miller, age 10

Black is the cruelest of cold that sends an excruciating pain indescribable.
Black is the loss of a life that makes loneliness.
Black is a starless night, not a light to be seen.

Hot Chocolate

By Merlot Tunnell, age 13, California

Every winter, every spring, every fall, snowfall
The forest trees perch in the snow like a winter wonderland
All slopes visible from any window
Every single one drowned in snow