Amazing Kids! Magazine

To Amma and Appa (My Grandparents)

By Neva Kaul, age 10, Canada

Deep within my soul
I brought something up,
Not sadness, not anger, not hate,
But something stronger.

The Park

By Alandya Durand, age 17, Massachusetts

A duck
Would pass by
At times

The Nighttime Normal

By Merlot Tunnell, age 13, California

I’m from where fluff and stuff bring sleep and dreams
Where a cracked window breathes in crisp night air
Where comfort rules over bodily needs
And the face of the clock forecasts emotions

The Day I Wasted My Money

By Brian Castaneda Ochoa, age 11

I sat and scanned the room as I watched my mother and younger brother cry on the other side of the room—I hated to see my brother CJ cry, as it just broke my heart in two. As people passed, they gave me sympathetic looks.

After a Wedding

By Joy Guo, age 17, Washington

Green eyes peering up at
Gray sky, strung across with
Glowing lanterns. Dripping drops
Grow green trees.

Lake Norris

By Emma Rogers, age 12, Ohio

Jumping in, feeling cool water surround you
Bright lights on a karaoke night with friends
Squirt gun fights followed by ghost stories