Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Magic Box

By Kgaogelo, age 12, South Africa

I shall put in my box
The first cry of a newborn baby
The hope that shines the stars
The spellbinding sun that sets on the horizon

Thoughts in My Head

By Cassandra Alvarado, age 12, California

Thoughts in my head...
Should I stay, or should I go?
Thoughts in my head…
Should I worry?

Moon Walk

By Rishikesh T. Sankaran, age 6, Connecticut

I wish I could walk on the moon;
It’s bouncy and great.

The Rainstorm That Ruined Cindy’s Hike

By Melany Chevez Gutierrez, age 11, California

It was a sunny day in Brooksville, where a 19-year-old girl named Cindy was packing for her trip to go hiking with her dog, Ruffles.

Bad Blood

By Jackson Hill, age 11, California

Red peppers or green? Samuel Holmes, age 10, had been apprenticed to his father, a journalist, for the Boston Gazette, Boston’s most popular newspaper.

Light Eyes

By Samantha Herrera, age 16, New Jersey

You are the rare night star in a 7:30 a.m. sky
When you think it’s far too late
To appreciate the night in day
And the diamonds in a wind of blossoming colors.