Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Maria Joyce-Johnson, age 8, Italy

A whole outside,
A whole new place
Just out of reach.

The Chorebot

By Krithik Ashokkumar, age 10, East Brunswick, NJ

My name is Charlie Diaz. One day I opened the door to the closet and there, sitting on the floor, was a locked chest.

Simple Pleasures

By Hridhima Tyagi, Contributing Writer

“A village? What is that?”
Jake looked at his five-year-old son’s innocent face and smiled. “You’ll see,” he said.

My Best Friend

By Maria Salinas, age 11, California

My best friend is Maritza
Maritza is the best friend


By Kendra Leigh Dolina Osias, age 10, Philippines

You see them everywhere
Colorful flowers here and there
On the petals you will find
Stunning insects of every kind

Element Superhero: Carbon

By Julia Zhang, age 11, Seattle, Washington

Ring! Ring! Ring! The loud alarm woke Carbon, as it did every Sunday morning.