Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Cloudy Day of Sky the Puppy

By Daniela Carabantes, age 10, California

It was a hot summer Sunday morning when I finally got out of bed and I was getting ready to hang out with my best friend, Josy.

The Power of Love

By Mariam A. Kravchenko, age 11, Minnesota

War is a raging fire,
A sea of despair
Full of tears and grief,

The Black Mountain, Chapter 2: Down the Lake

By Julia Melik, age 13, Prague

The guys opened the box with the fireflies that illuminated the entire cabin and were shocked when they saw Clia, who looked at them with frightened eyes.

Last Breaths

By Cassandra Alvarado, age 11, California

Kindness filled my grandpa
He made everybody feel like it was his or her birthday
When good health was his biggest desire

The Lost World & Spider Jungle

By Mason Duke Martin, age 10, New York

I walked downstairs and found breakfast waiting for me on our brown oak table. There was a note from my mom to do all my normal chores, so I went outside to the mailbox painted with the address 11 Willow Street, and inside it was the normal mail.

Night Walk

By Sophia J Lenigk, age 13

I ambled down the concrete path, reveling in the freshness the night brought. My feet led me along the path leading to the church, and as it neared, a soft sound reached my ears.