Amazing Kids! Magazine

I Want to Be Myself

By Kika Dhara-Garipuy, New York

Today a man, a woman,
and a child much younger than me
asked me who I wanted to be
I responded with - Is that really up to me?

Sunflower Sonnet

By Lily Umbel, age 15, Pennsylvania

A breath of golden summer
Took me by surprise
Now, forever chained to be your lover
An enjoyable demise

The Ocean

By Mia Ramundo, age 14, Ohio

my life is the ocean
in one glance
underneath it all

The Wild

By Ethan Cook, age 9, Canada

I love the wild
it’s way beyond mild
when I`m in the wild I feel free
just like a little buzzy bee


By Chase Ringwald, age 17

It can be beautiful
Or it can be depressing
It can be used as an expression


By Paul Raj, age 10

My mother is the best,
The best there ever was!
She pushes me to my limits,
So that I can earn applause!