Amazing Kids! Magazine

Form of the Arts

By Alicia McGowan, age 9, Louisiana

I stare at a painting
My eyes wide
I'll glide

What Is a Friend for?

By Emily Cheung, Contributing writer

Meeting for the first time and grinning at each other nervously
with large gap-toothed smiles, but soon eagerly introducing ourselves
to one another on the first day of kindergarten,
Petty gibberish-filled feuds over jagged broken crayons,


By Sehen Gamhewa, Age 10, Kuwait

When the rain falls and the sun shines
The rainbow runs across the sky
And a light of delicacy and beauty is created
Which is casted right around the world


By Allison Stein, age 13, Michigan

Like green moss growing in a pond,
Algae floats in the water,
Spreading across the entire area.

I Love You Mum

By Ruth Kezia, age 15, Malaysia

As you stand at the doorway,
To welcome me back from school,
“What a tiring day! Ah!” I sigh,
But you’d say, “Child, that’s life. Cheer up!”

The End of the Rainbow

By Allison Stein, age 13, Michigan

Faded colors collide
From violet to red
I lose myself in the fantasy
That goes on in my head