Amazing Kids! Magazine

Who I Am

By Brenda Aceves, age 11, California

I am obsessed with video games
I wonder what will happen in the next 10 years
I hear voices inside my head
I see what will happen in the future

The Star I See at Night

By Maria Salinas, age 11, California

The star I see at night
Pierces my heart like a bright flashlight
It makes me feel really great

The Longing

By Anik Bhaduri, age 16, India

The whistling of the breeze,
The glare of the sun,
Induced his friends
To frolic and fun.

How Lovely Tunes Become My Food

By Angelina Bustos, age 10, California

Listening to music
Makes me feel great
Since it puts a smile on my face
I listen to it every day

Childhood or Adulthood

By Varshini R., age 15, India

When we were kids, we always thought growing up was cool.

Nature’s Illusions

By Kristi Kadenaj, age 12, Canada

Listen to the melodious birds sing in seamless harmony
Oh, how they make me blush!