Amazing Kids! Magazine

Old Age

By Ivette Cardenas Alvarado, age 11, California

Have you ever noticed how years have passed?
They sprint from us in a flash.
Years never turn around; they always go
And slap our faces with stunning blows.

Living in Deep Seas

By Pragati Yadav, age 13, India

With beauty and patience
I had a strong sensation
A deep, long breath

The Beauty Within

By Varshini, age 15, India

A sun without heat and light is not a sun;
A world without nature is not a world.
A home without family is not a home;
A man without an inner beauty is not a man.

Trees for Money

By Amy Shin, age 12, Hong Kong

Flaming red, amber, violet, and saffron glisten in the morning sunlight
As I wake up to the voice of woodpeckers and the tits
Singing sweetly from the branches.

The Earth

By Kendra Leigh Dolina Osias, age 10, Philippines

Oh, how I wish I could fly
So I could soar high
To see the earth’s beauty
The land that has witnessed the birth of so many

Tenaciously Endeavor to Always Succeed

By Hamzah Faisal, age 11, New Jersey

Tenaciously endeavor to always succeed
Tenaciously study hard to always excel