Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Power of Love

By Mariam A. Kravchenko, age 11, Minnesota

War is a raging fire,
A sea of despair
Full of tears and grief,

Last Breaths

By Cassandra Alvarado, age 11, California

Kindness filled my grandpa
He made everybody feel like it was his or her birthday
When good health was his biggest desire

Modern Transportation

By Christina Monroe, age 18, Ohio

The main thing is to move,
To be in motion,
To feel the wind in your hair
Or the moving tracks below your feet


By Aaryan Gupta, age 11, India

How was this world made? Does anybody know?
Do you know how a plant can grow?
This all is science, you see.

Silent Trees

By Betsy Jenifer, age 16, India

Look at those trees,
How they stand silent and free.
Their branches, how they make
An appearance of frozen, slithering snakes.

I Know

By Grace Kaung, age 12, Minnesota

Clouds turn gray and dark