Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lunar New Year in Korea

By Amy Shin, age 12, Hong Kong

I wake up early to the aroma of tteokguk.
Following the scent, I enter the kitchen and lift the lid off the clay pot.

My Body Is the Body of Music

By Jordan Brunk, age 14, Oklahoma

My body is the body of music.
My brain is the conductor
Waving its strengthened arms,

Domino Effect

By Sophie Nadel, age 15, New York

The hallway twists; the hallway curves
Around the corner young Charlie swerves

Blossoming on Course

By Victoria K., Nonfiction Editor

By faith at every sunrise
The butterfly swings
By faith at every sunset
The nightingale sings

Birds Mirrored

By Victoria K., Nonfiction Editor

Birds stand for freedom:
Canaries thrive in someone’s heart;

Caterpillars to Butterflies

By Elijah Matthews, age 10, Louisiana

Caterpillars are small
But do big things.
They have four stages,
And it’s amazing.