Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor

Fog grabs you, strangles you
Coils you around his finger
Tripping your every step

Girls Are Powerful

By Mariana Aguilar, age 11, California

Girls are powerful
Because we’re as hot as lava.
When we step on a tile,
It turns to fire

Hold Your Head Up

By John Sailiata, age 16, California

Every day we face challenges
Every day we need to keep our balances

Grey Breeze

By Erin Barrekette, age 12, Colorado

As the white breath swirls to the willow-grey sky
One can hold the whisper of a dream
For the world is coated in a fragile blanket

Spinning Time Haiku

By Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor

The wheel is spinning

Finally Complete

By Marlene Bayardo, age 15, California

Alone, she was just a blank space,
An empty, open void
That had no structure.