Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Jimmie Gonzalez, age 15, California

Friendly and cunning


By Nicole Morales, age 15, California

If only it’d disappear,
A world smiling without it,
No more shedding tears.


By Maia Tasker, age 11, Florida
I haven’t lived correctly until after I had an Irish Setter.
She was like a mini-human
But better.

Summer Wind

By Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor

Earth soft and damp under my feet
Ants tickling my heels
The sun is scorching my back

Baby, Baby

By Giselle Cardoza, age 11, California

When you see her in the tummy
She acts like a bouncy bunny
When born she’ll either eat or cry
Will she love Mom’s apple pie?

Ode to My Bed

By Danielle Barber, age 15, New Jersey

O, bed sitting alone in an empty room,
Waiting for someone to keep you company.