Amazing Kids! Magazine

To Cherish Little Things

By Britney Alexandra Cisneros, 16, California

In life we want everything,
And in everything we want life,
But we can't have everything;

Is Appearance the True Definition of Beauty?

By Wendy Baires, 15, CA

You can be attracted as you watch that 6 six-feet-tall beauty tree…
You’ll see as it glows, but only shows its beloved and known, its amazing flow.

How You Woke Up

By Sarah Panameno, 15, California

The sun has a sound. It’s a pulse and a vibration that shakes everything.

The Green Python

By Sehen Gamhewa, Contributing Writer

A green python slithers
In and out of the grass,
A shocking beauty.

My Best Friend

By Suleyma Comejo, 16, California

It’s so good knowing
That even though
Time brings many changes

Free Body

By Daniel Hitz, 9, Washington

My eyes
Do not lie beneath the ground.