Amazing Kids! Magazine

I Got Up from Bed Fifteen Minutes Ago

By Danny S. M. Otten, Age 9, Virginia

I got up from bed fifteen minutes ago,
With my bed neatly made,
With my breakfast all laid
And now I'm ready to go.


Maddie Bernard, Age 12, Minnesota

I stretch my legs out
Hoping the pain doesn’t show
But wanting it to all the same
I feel like speeding up.

The Uncertain

By Caitlin Hogue, Age 13, Kentucky

My feet dangle above the ground
The wind resonates true freedom
real fear, I have found
Scarier places, I've only dreamt them


By Kylie Miller, Age 10, Washington

The daisies on the sides of the road
Green grass tickles my bare feet
The lake is where there are friends to meet
Summer is so very, very sweet,

An Infinite Moment

By Satvi Kumar, Age 13, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

the stars are suddenly brighter,
and the ground a cluster of clouds.
the air is suddenly lighter,
ecstatic voices, so loud.

My Bird

By Andrea Solis, Age 12, California

Today you will meet Lemonade
You will see her vibrant green
She really loves to serenade
This is something that should be seen