Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Three Dragons

By Coco Wong, age 8, Hong Kong

Once upon a time, a golden raven flew to Beijing and announced an important message to the whole city: “Quiniu the evil dragon is coming. I saw him flying past the Great Wall of China. Get your weapons ready people!"

Earning Snickers

By Lauren Barrett, age 13, Ohio

My fingers were stressed with soreness. I always grasped ahold of Mom’s tan, soft, sweetly fragrant hand.

Why We Should Be Thankful

By Kayla Esters, age 15, California

Not everyone gets to have the same things that we have. In fact, people all around the world don’t have the means to celebrate any holidays, much less food to feast on.

A Crazy Christmas on Pine Eve

By Laura Reyes, age 12, California

One crazy Christmas, I saw kids running around the blocks outside from my bedroom window. I noticed that my neighbors’ Christmas lights shone like stars in the night.

Painting the Grey World

By Rosemary, Age 14, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“Mirabelle Archer, why haven’t you got your book? And why do you keep painting half of the time?” Mrs. Roslyn, Mirabelle’s English teacher, inquired.

First Christmas

By Andrea Colocho, age 15, California

Oh Christmas! That day that was supposed to be the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. For others it’s about having a good time usually with tons of food.