Amazing Kids! Magazine

Why Humans Live on Land: A New Greek Myth

By Irving Fernandez, age 11, California

A long time ago, humans did not walk on land, but would rather swim. There was a boy who enjoyed it the most, and his name was Kristaps he had short brown hair, which felt as soft as a teddy bear fluff.

A Master’s Daughter

By Lizzie Feeney, age 13

Papa never truly revealed where our wealth came from. We were clothed in grandiose cloaks in the winter time, when snow blanketed the crops, and beautiful pieces of cloth and satin garments wrapped around our necks when the trees began to bloom.

How a Powerful Dream Taught Me to Respect My Sister

By Maria Ocampo

It was Friday about 3:15. I had just gotten back from school; I sat down on a table to do my homework.

The Bus of Change

By Sydney Griffith, age 13, Georgia

My ticket can take me anywhere—in CherryTown, New Jersey, that is. Today I have no mission or end destination.


By Shailey Bellamkonda

(Radio on.)
“Amy! Switch off that radio, and finish your homework!” said Amy’s mother, Hannah.
(No answer.)

The Search for Bananas

By Atara Bayla Feldman, age 8, New York

Once there was a princess.
She lived in a huge castle with all kinds of servants and all kinds of pretty toys.