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Amazing Kids! 2016 Money Smarts Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the kids who submitted stories to our Money Smarts Contest. We were amazed by the creativity of stories that were about a character learning a money lesson.

All of you are winners for creating a piece and having the courage to submit it to us for judging. We did have to pick the best of the entries, however, and we are proud to present you with these stories that stood out to us for their creativity, entertainment value, and superb writing. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Ages 7 – 9

“The Woman’s Cat” by Coco Wang, age 9, Sandy Bay, Hong Kong

Ages 10 – 11

“Glisten” by Ariel Faith Rantung, age 11, Singapore

Ages 12 – 14

No winning entries matching the Money Smarts Contest rules and quality criteria.

Ages 15 – 18

“Half-Dollar” by Aazan Ahmad, age 15, Seoul, South Korea

A HUGE “Thank You!” to our contest sponsors, Thinkfun and Footbubbles, who provided the Solitaire Chess game and Messi Footbubbles as the prizes for this contest. Also a giant thank you to the Traynor family who provided the gift cards to the winners outside of the United States. It is through these supporters that we are able to provide these contests that encourage youth to write. If you would like to help us bring additional contests, please donate today to Amazing Kids!

Also, thank you to our judges: Ryan, Allison, Salma, Sophie, and me. Judging takes a lot of time to analyze each piece and to give some feedback to each submitter. We are lucky to have such talented writers and editors on our volunteer Amazing Kids! Staff!

Remember to check back later for updates about new contests we may be hosting and keep writing!