Amazing Kids! Magazine

April 2013: Issue #66 – Friendship

Hello Amazing Kids!

I hope you all are excited to read the April Issue of Amazing Kids! Magazine. This month is themed “Friendship” and focuses on important relationships with family and friends. In this month, you can explore stories about true friendship in the Fiction section. In the Nonfiction section, there are articles on creating friendship bracelets for your best friends. Don’t forget to check out the poetry section with poems like “What is a Friend for” and “Bittersweet.” If you want to read about a specific subject, check out the Amazing Kids! Columns. There you can have a laugh, learn about science or cook a new recipe. I hope this month that everyone appreciates and remembers how profound friendships are!

As always, you are welcome to send your kid friendly writing or artistic contributions to Don’t forget to review the Submission Guidelines in the “Write for Us” section.

Enjoy your school year and happy writing!


Mindy Yang
Student Editor-in-Chief