Amazing Kids! Magazine

April 2014: Issue #78 – Get a Move On!

Hi Amazing Kids!


I don’t think anyone feels the transitions of the seasons more than we New Yorkers do – the recent changes from winter to spring have been so abrupt, one day it might be snowing and the next will be warm! Every day, I have to consider the weather outside before heading out, which just goes to show how unpredictable the weather can really be sometimes!

On the bright side, this new transitioning into the spring is a chance to finally crawl out of our blanket cocoons where we’ve been hiding for the past few months (I know I certainly have!) With the infectious warm weather and the blossoming of flowers everywhere, adventure and the great outdoors are just waiting for us, after their long hibernation. Animals are the only ones who hibernate in order to stay out of the cold; plants also go into dormancy in order to preserve their energy during those chilly months of winter.

To help warm your spirits, Remmi had prepared some excellent spring-time recipes. Head over to the Cook Nook to sample some of her Eggs Benedict and Stuffed Avocados! If the delicious tastes of the kitchen aren’t your thing, then consider “getting a move on” and joining Megan in her tennis adventures as she tells of her path to becoming a tennis player in “A Life of Tennis.” You can also consider exploring the world of soccer with Assistant Editor Ryan in “Soccer Skills.” There’s so many outdoor activities you can do in this beautiful weather, and if that isn’t enough, drop by the Staff Q&A to find out some of your editorial board and contributing writers’ favorite spring pastimes!

Amazing Kids! Magazine is still looking for new writers and editors. If you are interested in joining the board, send an application containing a statement of why you would be a valuable member of the department of your choice and three writing samples to Make sure you get your applications in quick, as the end of the year is approaching fast!

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Finally, don’t forget to enter our writing contest! The deadline for submissions is March 31, which is the end of the month, so get those fingers typing and those ideas flowing! Age categories will be 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17. The winning stories in each age group will win a $25 gift card! Submit your best stories less than 1500 words by email to! Make sure to attach it either in the email or with a .pdf or .doc and title it with your story’s title as well as your name. Additionally, please include your full name, age, and city/state/country of origin. Each writer is allowed up to three submissions. Remember, keep it kid-friendly!

Tell all of your friends, family, and classmates about this great opportunity! Remember, the top pieces will be selected for publication in the magazine, as well. If you want a chance for fame and fortune, come on and enter our contest!

As always, keep writing!



Sharon Lin