Amazing Kids! Magazine

April 2016: Issue #98 – Small Wonders!

Hi Amazing Kids!


April brings showers, which lead to flowers. It makes me think about all the things we take for granted – the small wonders. This month’s issue is dedicated to the small people, events, and things that amaze and inspire us.  In this issue you’ll find a Spotlight interview with Steve Culbertson, the President and CEO of Youth Service America, who reminds us that we, the youth of today, can make a difference, big or small. You can see this in our Amazing Kid of the Month stories each issue, including the one in this issue about our Amazing Kid, Sarah Todd Hammer. In Nonfiction we have a wonderful collection of stories about small animals, challenges, inspirational teachers, and even how a small defeat can lead to big decisions. Another great nonfiction piece is in our Sci-Tech column about a friend that is a “small wonder”. Through this story you will learn more about dwarfism. If you’re like me and you are always in wonder about how a little laugh can change your whole attitude, then you’ll want to check out the hilarious collection of jokes in the LOL Column.

Our 100th issue will be coming in June. Next month we will be announcing our contest to celebrate this big event so be sure to keep coming back each month for great reading and contests.

We hope the themes of upcoming issues will motivate you to write some amazing stories. They include: The Beauty of Nature, Friends Forever, Teachable Moments, Make a Difference, Reach for the Stars, A New Beginning, Acts of Kindness, and Electronics in Action. If you follow one of our themes, you’ll have a better chance of your submission being accepted for publication. So look through the stories you’ve written in your journal or for school and send your stories to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

We’re still looking for some excellent writers and editors to join our amazing team in the next several months as some of our editors go off to college. Just email me with your writing experience to

As the author Barbara Kingsolver said, “Maybe life doesn’t get any better than this, or any worse, and what we get is just what we’re willing to find: small wonders, where they grow.”

Remember to check yourself if you are getting sad or discouraged. A change in perspective, looking at the small things, can help transform that mood. All feelings are gifts, however, that can be funneled into a great writing piece. Capture your feelings in a journal and maybe someday you can turn them into a published story. Writing is always more captivating if the author has experienced the emotion. Drink in your experiences and look at them as treasures.

Write On!

Ryan Traynor