Amazing Kids! Magazine

April Issue 2017: Issue #108 – Simple Pleasures!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Each moment is a kaleidoscope of observations, emotions, and memories. If we pause our busy lives to enjoy those ephemeral moments, we will begin to truly appreciate the joy that colors our days. This month, we celebrate the subtle impressions of life through our April theme, Simple Pleasures. As you immerse yourself in this month’s articles, you’ll find that the authors challenge you to search for beauty where you may not expect it. Perhaps one of our most impactful features, “Simple Pleasures” in our Nonfiction Stories column will change your perspective on what it means to be present. Echoing this sentiment, “I Can Do All Things” from the Poetry column will inspire renewed gratitude for the adversity we confront and overcome. Be sure to check out our Amazing Artists column, where the photographs “Clockwork” and “Into the City” highlight the silent beauty of scenes too often taken for granted. Finally, learn to channel your reflections into powerful writing by reviewing “Simple Poems for Simple Pleasures” in our Writer’s Tips column. Through this collection of articles, we hope to bring to you lasting joy for the miracle of life itself.

Each month, this magazine empowers me, with the lives of both its readers and its writers touching mine. Congratulations to Hridhima Tyagi, an inspiring author who will be taking on the role of Money Smarts Editor in our future issues. We would also like to thank Victoria Feng for the hard work she has invested in this column; we wish her luck as she focuses on her positions as Assistant Editor, Amazing Kids Spotlight Interviewer, and AKOM Writer. By sharing their talents with Amazing Kids! Magazine, both individuals are using their gifts to initiate positive change in others.

If you, too, would like to leave an impression, I encourage you to submit your writing for potential publication. Although we appreciate submissions that complement our upcoming themes—Color My World, New Horizons, Let the Sun Shine In, and The Road Ahead—we enjoy reviewing work of any topic that expresses deep thought and honest emotion. After referencing our submission requirements in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab, please send your articles to Our staff is excited to explore the messages you convey through your writing!

Perhaps your passion for sharing stories can translate into helping others voice theirs. If you are interested in contributing to our magazine through an editing position, please let me know your interests so that we can help you grow in your writing journey. You may reach me at

Remember, the simple pleasures that saturate our days just might be our greatest blessings. To immerse ourselves in small moments is to etch those memories indelibly in our minds. It is my faith that, once we open our eyes, we will truly see the beauty in our lives and in our hearts.

Dream big!

Allison Stein