Amazing Kids! Magazine

April Issue 2018: Issue #118 – Words That Change the World

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Writing is a medium of transformation, a mode of communication through which hearts and minds are changed. This month, we acknowledge the power of our stories to influence others and initiate advocacy through our April theme, Words That Change the World. The articles collected here will inspire you to appreciate the importance of literature, reflect on the impact of self-expression, and celebrate your own journey as a young author. Content such as “Unleash Your Creative Spirit” from the Poetry column will encourage you to apply your imagination to artistic outlets and constructive projects. I also recommend stopping by the Amazing Kids from History section to read about Sophie Scholl, an individual who voiced her beliefs during a dangerous period in history. In Nonfiction Stories, be sure to check out “Five Reasons I Read” and “Your Words Make a Difference,” two pieces which taught me to look at the world differently. Finally, “Your Voice Through Stories” from the Writer’s Tips column is an enlightening feature designed to remind you why you etch your heart on paper in the first place. From one author to another, please have the courage to tell your story…

I am excited to announce that Amazing Kids! Magazine will experience a change in the leadership of our student staff team. After making my first submission to this publication eight years ago, I have enjoyed and cherished my involvement with the magazine, especially the opportunity to watch all of you grow as young writers and readers. My volunteer work with Amazing Kids! has given me the confidence to pursue a college degree in Professional and Technical Writing and, ultimately, a career in the editing field. As I graduate from high school this spring and focus on furthering my education, I will be giving the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief position to Victoria Feng, a phenomenal team member who presently serves as our Assistant Editor, Amazing Kids Spotlight Interviewer, and AKOM Writer. Victoria is among the most gifted and motivated authors I have collaborated with during my time as the student staff coordinator, and I look forward to her continued talent and enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey, especially Ryan Traynor, our previous Editor-in-Chief, for teaching me about true leadership; Alyse Rome, our Founder and President, for her work to empower youth; and Ben, our webmaster, for his incredible talent managing the site. I am grateful for the chance to share my voice with an audience and to discover my purpose by helping others.

I would like to share with the readers of Amazing Kids! Magazine one final poem, from me to you. “Trust the Wind,” featured in this month’s Poetry section, tells a story—my story—of finding the courage and faith to chase big dreams. This is the legacy I hope to leave here.

If you are interested in sharing your story, too, please feel free to submit your writing to Our editing team prefers topics in alignment with our upcoming themes—Express Yourself; Working Together; Starry Skies; and Be Confident, Be You—but uplifting work of any subject matter will be considered. To learn more about the opportunities available within Amazing Kids! Magazine, please refer to our submission guidelines in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. I hope you’ll reach out soon!

Are you enthusiastic about guiding other youth authors through the writing process? If so, please contact me at to apply for an editing position on our student staff team. After you let me know your experiences and goals, I will be happy to guide you toward the opportunity that best complements your interests. Please feel free to get in touch.

Remember, our words change the world. Even if you are nervous about finding an audience for your work, even if you are afraid to be honest and vulnerable and real on paper, I encourage you to share your writing because it could help someone. It is my faith that our dreams have a purpose and our hearts have a story.


Dream big!

Allison Stein