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December 2013: Issue #74 – New Traditions

Hi Amazing Kids!


It’s been another long month! Mine has definitely been filled with more ups than downs, and I’m eternally grateful for that. In addition, I’d like to thank all of you wonderful readers for supporting Amazing Kids! Magazine (as well as new readers, because you are certainly in for a great ride!) With Thanksgiving just having passed, there’s a lot on our minds here at AK! to be thankful for — from family to friends to generally having a great time.

When we look at our theme, “New Traditions,” we are reminded of how time never stops for anyone. Just like how there are “new” and “old” fashions, and how time changes our perspectives on the world, we have to appreciate the fact that no culture stands still forever. In his article, “Holiday Traditions That Matter,” Ryan gives us some new perspectives on a well-known holiday! However, it’s not just traditions that make the holiday season what it is.

What is the holiday season really about? For starters, kindness, generosity, and goodwill are major elements of the holiday season. No matter what race, religion, gender, or age you are, these basic ideals are important to keep close to your heart. Luckily, this month we have received a number of submissions from students in California in topics ranging from helping old women cross streets to helping save puppies from danger! Check out their works at our “Fiction – Short Story” section!

What else is there to do when the weather gets chilly and you’ve done your share of good deeds? (Although, as I like to put it, there’s no limit to the good you can do!) You can definitely go gift shopping, sip hot chocolate, sit near a warm fire, or…go to the movies! Stop by our Amazing Movie Review’s for the latest critique by our very own Perry S. Chen on Disney’s new animated film Frozen! It’s sure to get you shivering before long!

Last but not least, don’t forget to submit to Amazing Kids! Magazine! We’re always looking for great content by new contributors. Who knows, you might even be our next featured writer! Submit your writing and artwork to, but make sure you take a look at our Submission Guidelines at our “Write for Us” page before submitting your work to us. Finally, be sure to sign up for Amazing Kids! e-news to keep up with the latest updates on our happenings:

As always, keep writing!


Sharon Lin