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December Issue 2016: Issue #105 – A New Beginning!

Hi Amazing Kids!


The warm feelings generated from the holiday season at the end of the year carry us into the new year with a fresh perspective. It gives all of us a chance to assess what we have accomplished over the last 12 months, and make adjustments for a new beginning. This sense of adventure and excitement is why the December/January issue’s theme is “A New Beginning.” Within this issue you will see articles and stories that will help you see things anew such as Silent Trees and Spiritual Bell in the poetry column, or Changing Lives in the Nonfiction, Stories column. You’ll also get a grand view of what one person can do in the world within the Amazing Mentor Interview with Hadi Partovi, Co-founder of He will show you how perseverance can pay off by your efforts influencing millions of students’ lives. Sometimes we take for granted things we love. Many New Year’s resolutions include spending more time with loved ones or making special moments. You’ll read about the awakening of these types of realizations in Normally Ever After, A New Beginning, and the beautifully written story called Winter Morning Walk in the Fiction, Stories Column. Read the stories in this issue and decide how you are going to start a new beginning in the new year.

I have some exciting news for all of you about the magazine! Eight years ago I started with Amazing Kids! Magazine as a Contributing Writer after entering a summer contest. Over these eight years, I have worked with some of the most extraordinary and talented kids I have ever met and my experiences have made me a better writer, editor, and leader. However, I am moving on to college next fall so beginning with the February issue I will be handing over the reins to an extraordinarily talented writer, Allison Stein, the current Assistant Editor and Poetry Column Editor. I will stay on as Editorial Advisor as I finish training her and help her deliver to you the extraordinary magazine that Amazing Kids! Magazine has become. I have been honored to have had such an important role in the magazine and to have had the pleasure of working with the amazing team of writers and editors that present you with excellence each month. I would also like to give a special “Thank you” to Alyse Rome, the Founder and President of Amazing Kids! Magazine, without whom I wouldn’t be the passionate writer I am today. Also, thanks to our terrific webmaster Ben, who always makes the magazine look fabulous and helps keep us all on track to get it out on time. The Assistant Editor role will be taken on by Victoria Feng, who will assume these duties along with her current roles as AKOM Writer, Amazing Kids Spotlight Interviewer, and Money Smarts Editor. We also have a new Contributing Writer joining us from India, Hridhima Tyagi.

The submission deadline for our Money Lesson Story Writing Contest has passed and the judges are thoroughly reviewing the submissions. The winners will be announced and the winning stories published in the February 1st issue.

Would you like to receive some feedback on a story, art, or article that you’ve written? Want to see if you have what it takes to get published? Then send us something to review for publication. We’ll let you know. Our upcoming themes include Acts of Kindness and Electronics in Action but feel free to send in anything you feel very proud of writing. Send all submissions to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

Would you like to take on an exciting step and move into editing? It is amazing how much you learn by reviewing other writers’ work and writing for a published magazine on a regular basis. Please consider joining our team and helping writers from all around the world. Just let me know your writing and editing experience and we’ll see if we can match you with the perfect spot. Email me your request at

The British author Arnold Bennett wrote: “The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose.” What a perfect quote to roll in the new year. Use it to define a new attitude. Live life to its fullest and never let mistakes from your past alter your enthusiasm for the moments ahead. Grab life by the horns and ride it with gusto! It is through experiences that we become better writers. It is by sharing them that we become true authors.

Write On!
Ryan Traynor