Amazing Kids! Magazine

December Issue 2017: Issue #115 – A Better Tomorrow!

Hi, Amazing Kids!

A new year lends clarity to our perspectives and empowers us to evolve as individuals. This month, we conclude 2017 with reflective sincerity through the insight and outreach of our December theme, A Better Tomorrow. I hope the articles within this issue will inspire you to think more deeply about the beginnings and endings we so often experience. In particular, I enjoyed “University of Texas Internship: My Experience,” a story about one writer’s innovative opportunity highlighted in the Nonfiction Stories column. Please also stop by our Poetry section to consider the ideas evoked by “Think, Decide, Do” and “Held Tighter.” Featured in Money Smarts this month, “Saving for Short-Term Goals” will shape your mindset about the possibilities before you. Finally, the Writer’s Tips story “Wrapping It Up: Epilogues” is an enlightening read in the context of our changing year. Best wishes to all of our readers for a fresh start as we approach 2018!

I would like to remind our audience about the opportunity to submit photography and artwork on the topic of Christmas or winter for special consideration in the Amazing Artists column. Please email your entry to by the competition deadline of January 1. The winning submission will be featured on the rotating banner of our home page!

Congratulations to Madisen Garcia, a gifted young author who has joined our team of student staff. As a Contributing Writer, she will create monthly articles to share her thoughts, express creativity, and inspire our readership. Good luck, Madisen!

If you, too, have a message to convey or an idea to explore, please submit your writing to for potential publication. Our editing team prefers submissions relevant to our upcoming themes—Paying It Forward, Sky’s the Limit, Words That Change the World, and Express Yourself—but we are excited to read any work that is passionately written. You may access our style guidelines in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. I look forward to reviewing your stories!

For those of you who enjoy mentoring other authors, perhaps a place on our student staff team further complements your goals. Please contact me at to apply for a writing or editing position today. Once you let me know your experiences, I am happy to work with you to determine which role you might find most fulfilling. We are currently seeking an Adult Spotlight Interviewer to coordinate interviews with inspiring and empowering mentors. Feel free to get in touch!

Remember, a new year is an opportunity to see the world in a new way. I hope you’ll take time to notice kindness and beauty each and every day. It is my faith that 2018 will bring us many blessings!


Dream big!

Allison Stein