Amazing Kids! Magazine

December Issue 2018: Issue #125 – Holiday Cheer

Hi Amazing Kids!


This month’s theme is Holiday Cheer, and with the holiday season rapidly approaching, Amazing Kids! Magazine wrote some articles to celebrate.  In the AK Adventures column, readers are advised on how to find a dream holiday vacation by editor Stella Prince and we have an article about the best places to visit in Orlando, Florida, a popular vacation destination.   Writer’s Tips Editor Sophie Nadel provides some fun winter prompts to write while it’s cold outside.  Her Word Booster features some holiday-themed words.

If you are interested in having your work published in Amazing Kids! Magazine as well, we are always open to submissions.  We advise you to follow one of our following themes, which are: Building Bridges and Overcoming Obstacles.  Make sure you read and follow the Writer’s Guidelines before submitting.  To submit your submissions, please email

And if you are interested in getting even more involved within Amazing Kids! Magazine, consider applying for a column editor position.  We are currently looking for Humor/LOL Editor, Contest Coordinator, Movie Reviews Editor, Amazing Mentor Interviewer, and Contributing Writer.  Additionally, we are looking for an Assistant Editor.  Please apply to, and attach 3 pieces of your work that relate to the position you are applying for a resume.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, try to find different ways to bring joy in others’ lives.  Happy holidays!

Dream big!

Victoria Feng