Amazing Kids! Magazine

December/January 2015: Issue #95 – Winter Wonderland!

Hi Amazing Kids!


We are excited at Amazing Kids! to bring you our issue called “Winter Wonderland.” This issue is full of things related to snow, things we value, and the holiday season. We are honored to highlight your great writing. In addition, we have an extraordinary staff that offers you some fabulous stories in this issue.

The first thing you’ll want to check out is the collection of poetry. To get a different take on winter and awe inspiring things, you’ll want to check out Snowflakes and Let your Heart Speak. There are some inspirational stories in the Fiction section, beginning with Painting the Grey World, a story about not giving up on your talent, and How I Helped a Grouch Love Christmas, a piece about listening to a neighbor to make a change. Our review section offers our opinions on a holiday DVD and some great books. You may want to also pop over to the Movie Review section to read about the new Peanuts Movie and read other great reviews in the Nonfiction Reviews column. Our amazing Salma offers some great 16 writing tips to try in 2016 in her Writer’s Tips column. You can fly away in several ways by visiting Ecuador in the AK Adventures column, seeing what a St. Lucia festival is like in the Global Village Column, and finally, flying with the big guys – Batman and Superman in the Comic Hub column. Finally, just in time for holiday shopping, check out ways to save money on gifts in the Money Smarts column.

We are excited to announce that our Poetry Editor, Allison Stein, will be moving up as the new Assistant Editor. Allison has shown through her writing talent, ability to meet deadlines, and insightful suggestions, that she is the perfect person for this role. She has written for Amazing Kids! Magazine for many years and we’re happy she is willing to take on this challenge. Congratulations Allison! If you are interested in writing for Amazing Kids! Magazine on a regular basis or becoming an Editor, let me know at We do have a couple of editor positions open and we are always willing to add consistent Contributing Writers to our staff.

We hope the themes of upcoming issues will motivate you to write some amazing stories. They include: Family Matters, Lucky You, and Small Wonders. Sharpen those pencils and send your stories to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab. Pieces may be stories you’ve written for school as long as they are appropriate for our audience. Teachers are also welcome to encourage their students to submit their stories. We have received some fabulous pieces from classroom assignments.

Remember a piece of advice from the famous author Anton Chekhov, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Keep writing, but remember to show, don’t tell. Paint the picture with your words and your story will be unique because a little bit of you will be in it.

Write On!

Ryan Traynor